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Can Strippers Collect Unemployment?

As a respected professional in the world of human resources, I am often hired to provide content for various media outlets around the Country. One of the media outlets that I provide content for is FocusDetroit.Net.   In August 2012, I wrote an article about the differences between employees and independent contractors.  Someone commented on (...)

What title makes you the most proud?

Working in human resources, I see titles change constantly.  In an interview with Trinity Broadcasting Network, The world’s largest Christian Network, I also shared one of the most “embellished” things we find on resumes during the interview process is job titles. If you have ever read my professional bio, you will note, the last line (...)

You can find inspiration anywhere…if you really want to be inspired!

Most of you who read my blogs know that I am also the Founder and Publisher of CAREER Magazine (a fantastic publication, that you should be subscribing to).   With that being said, I’ve been posting career, business and author/publishing tips on our Facebook Fan page since 2009.  I got the idea to do something (...)

BUSINESS BASICS: What You Can Learn from Kim Kardashian

The other night, I was in a Facebook forum and  the topic was, yep… you guessed it!  Kim K. and her pregnancy. Everyone on the forum had an opinion about it – including me.  I think I ticked a few people off because I noted that jealously is perverted admiration.  While I’m not a Kim (...)

Didn’t Need Oprah Afterall…

Look Ma, I’m on the cover of Oprah’s Magazine! I’m not even sure how I happened on to Oprah’s website today, but I did and got a great laugh with the “O Mag Yourself” App.  But it turns out that you will benefit from this “happenstance”!  If you haven’t learned anything about me, by now (...)

Followers: Quantity vs. Quality

Recently, I came across an “interesting” fanpage on Facebook.  Since it was Friday, I decided to poke fun and give people on my personal page a Friday afternoon chuckle.   THEN….I posted that I was “hating because they have more likes than me!”  With an LOL of course (with all this political stuff, I’ve been trying (...)

Is your brand borrowed?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog called “Its Stephanie C. Harper“. The purpose of the blog was to talk about the importance of maintaining your brand (and ensuring that others properly represent your brand). In the article, I spoke about why I don’t allow people to call me “Stephanie Harper”, and my preference (...)

Confessions of an Entrepreneur. I was afraid to try!

(Even though I give career and business tips everyday, this is my first official blog post}  I have a confession to make that I hope will help each and everyone of you in your journey.   It’s no secret that I am a certified human resources professional by trade who got laid off in 2001 (...)

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