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The HR Compliance Coach is a System

Did you know the State of California has 10 new HR/Employment Laws, effective January 1, 2023?  If you were my client, you would….

That’s right?  Ever-changing employment regulations make Human Resources compliance quite complex.  All employers have employees, but not all employers need a full time human resources professional on staff (and most small businesses cannot justify the salary for a skilled professional when they are a small business).  It’s tough and to have to figure it all can be a huge distraction  – – -all of which takes time away from running your business. But no matter how busy you are, HR compliance should remain a priority or you run the risk of penalties and lawsuits.

Why Do You Need A Compliance Coach?

 Some of the most common compliance challenge areas with small business owners include: discriminatory job postings, inappropriate interview questions/practices, misclassification of employee’s, illegal criminal background checks, unsecured documents, new hire reporting, non-compliant policies/procedures, mismanaged worker’s compensation, mishandled exits, and final pay discrepancies – – – all of which can result in lawsuits and fines!

It’s simple, when you are a small business owner, you need to focus on your business. You don’t have to figure this out on your own, just connect with Stephanie C. Harper, HR Compliance Coach and she will take it from there!

Understanding Human Resources and Compliance
Human Resources (HR) compliance is defined as a company’s approach to regulations that meet and align with internal and external policies. This includes employment law compliance (local, State and Federal) concerning employee notices, labor rules, and safety protections.

As your HR Compliance Coach™, Stephanie C. Harper will provide you with a myriad of compliance strategies that will fit the size of your company without compromising your budget. For small business owners with 20 or less employees, Stephanie offers a 5/10/15/20 System for her subscription clients. When you become a subscription client, your background checks* and sexual harassment training is on the house! *number of background checks per month is contingent upon the subscription plan. As a multi-State human resources practitioner, Stephanie partners with her clients to provide expert human resources compliance support.

Working with an HR provider is absolutely an affordable and attractive option if you’re interested in spending more time on growing your business and less on compliance. What does working with Stephanie C. Harper, HR Compliance Coach look like for you?

  • Involve key internal stakeholders and designate a leader to oversee the project.
  • Identify how much support you require – to ensure your company is compliant (in other words less lawsuits and bad press).
  • Educate of our HR Partners (you) on your business process, culture and personnel needs.
  • Inform all employees about the transition and who to contact for HR requests.

Let’s face it, Human Resources is a specialized industry. Many people can do HR, many people ARE doing it, but not every company is doing it correctly! Rapid changes in employment law are increasing the risk of penalties, lawsuits, and bad publicity have skyrocketed! Given the complexities, companies and individuals need experienced HR counsel who know the industry and can explain new developments, present clear options, and help render informed decisions. Stephanie C. Harper, HR Compliance Coach, has over 30 years of deep expertise in local, state and federal employment laws and regulations.

What Can A HR Compliance Coach Do For Your Business?

  • Deal effectively with issues that you don’t even know may be an issue for your business
  • Mitigate exposure to fines and lawsuits
  • Afford you the ability to focus on your business
  • Concentrate on your compliance needs
  • Monitor the pulse of your HR Integrity with your staff.

Why Does A Business Need an HR Compliance Coach?

Just like in the world of sports, a coach needs to be able to understand people’s strengths and weaknesses, and promote and maintain motivation in those that they work with. They use a variety of skills to analyze individual and team performance, and provide training to improve sporting results and output. Stephanie has taken this same mindset and created a compliance system for small business owners who have “HR Issues”, but don’t have a formal HR department.

How does this differ from working with an HR Consultant or a PEO?

Most HR Consulting Firms will charge their clients by the hour or by the project. Many PEOs have pre-defined plans, and some choose not to offer benefits at all. A study conducted by PayCor shows the following to be disadvantages associated with using a PEO and we agree they can be the same with HR Consulting Firms.

  • Costs of benefits can fluctuate
  • Lower quality of HR services 
  • Compliance is not guaranteed.
  • Employees have limited access to HR
  • Company data is out-of-house, not immediately accessible
  • High expenses of PEO services outweigh value
  • Can negatively impact culture, morale and engagement
  • Loss of control over HR processes including benefits

While there can be benefits to partnering with both HR Consulting Firms and PEO’s (as we do as well for services that don’t offer), there may still be some Administrative hiccups when you become “an account” verses ” a business partner”. As your HR Compliance Coach, Stephanie has a designated “systematic approach” to meeting your business needs on an on-going basis that meets your specific needs and is kind to your budget. Stephanie is not a “cheaper service”, She is strategically economical for small business owners, because she is one! Click here to download the HR Compliance Coach Flyer

You Don’t Always Need An HR Department, but You Always Need Access to An HR Professional ~ Stephanie C. Harper

About Your HR Compliance Coach™
Stephanie C. Harper, SME, PHRca, CCP, CHRM is a certified human resources professional with over 30 years of experience. Along with being a published author (15 books, 2 best sellers), she is the Founder and Publisher of CAREER Magazine. Along with being hands on and working “in the trenches” of human resources, she continues to remain educated and committed to in her craft and the community.

Inclusion and Ethical Leadership Certificate | University of South Florida |  2023
CA Certified Sexual Harassment Trainer | Fisher-Phillips Employment Attorneys  |  2022
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Certificate
| University of South Florida | 2021
PHRca – Professional in Human Resources – California | HR Certification Institute | 2019
Growth Leadership for Female Entrepreneurs | eCornell University | 2019
CCP – Certified Compensation Professional | World at Work | 2008
PHR – Professional in Human Resources | Society of Human Resources Management | 2005
CHRM – Certified Human Resources Manager
| Columbia Southern University | 2001
Bachelor Business Administration/Human Resources | Columbia Southern University  | 2005
Entrepreneurship Certificate | Women’s Economic Development Agency | 1998

HR Advisor
| The Polk Institute | BE University
Subject Matter Expert  | Health and Safety Training Institute
Board Member
| Southern California Chamber of Commerce
Board Member | Solano/Napa Employment Advisory Board
Subject Matter Expert  – TV | The Steve Harvey TV Show
Employment Expert – Radio  | SGN The Light (nationwide) and 91.9FM (Atlanta)
Subject Matter Expert – Print for various newspapers including, The Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Denver Post and Atlanta Business Journal (partial list).