What’s new in Stephanie’s World for 2024?
Earns Workplace Investigations Speciality Credential through SHRM
Selected as New Chapter President for the Black Business Co-Op
Selected for a new term as Board Member for the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce
Selected for a new term as Board Member for the California Employer Advisory Council (CEAC)
Wrote the foreword for “My Black Voice: I’m not done talking!” By Noa Sanaa
Engages with the Non-Profit network to facilitate harassment training
Partners with Remotely HR as a mentor to the owners
Hosts the 11th Annual Queens Conference in Los Angeles for 2024
Creates a “Stephanitely” Lip gloss brand
Creates a “Workplace Communication” Dress line
Finally starts to share content on tiktok (just as they talk about a ban!)

Not everyone can say they were an invited guest on the Steve Harvey TV Show before Oprah Winfrey or Michelle Obama! Not everyone can say they have been #1 on Google.  Not everyone can say they garnered a publishing contract and convinced the publishing house to put the book out in 90 days (normal process is 12-18 months) but Stephanie C. Harper can!   And by the way, it’s not bragging, it’s the art of becoming an effective and sustainable brand!  A Certified Human Resources Professional by trade, Stephanie C. Harper, the HR Compliance Coach™ has used her education and experience to become the a marketplace midwife helping others to birth books, brands and businesses!  With compliance at the forefront of her business model, Stephanie coaches business owners who do not have a formal HR Department to know better, do better and be better!

While, the above a just a few of the many accomplishments that Stephanie C. Harper has to her credit;  she has built a brand known for excellence, expertise, education and experience!  Stephanie’s brand that allowed her to create a business model for herself and others who simply have the courage to dream big!  Her list of clients would surprise and shock you as she is the driving force that keeps many businesses compliant with her Human Resource Strategies.

As a writer, Stephanie has published 15 books (2 best sellers) and created the award-winning (CAREER Magazine).  As a subject matter expert, She has contributed to various media outlets including Yahoo!, The Wall Street Journal, Denver Post, Atlanta New Journal and the Atlanta Journal Constitution.   For over 10 years, Stephanie was the Employment Expert for both 91.9FM – Atlanta and  creator of The Career Minute, nationally syndicated on SGN The Light speaking to 2.5 million listeners on a weekly basis.   Stephanie has been invited to speak on stages of all calibers, sizes, and audiences from Corporate to Faith Based to Government.  Stephanie is the mastermind behind Careers and Coffee™, an Atlanta-ignited career network and annual the Quintessential Queens conference held in Napa and Los Angeles, CA.  A California native, Stephanie is bi-costal and has clients throughout the nation, with a heavy concentration in in the Georgia, Nevada, California and Canadian Markets. 

As a business coach, Stephanie uses her 4E approach (excellence, expertise, education and experience) to help businesses, employers, employee’s and even those who just dare to dream – achieve their goals.   Who better to consult with than someone who has ALREADY SUCCESSFULLY DONE , what you yet desire to do!  The question is… How can Stephanie, the HR Compliance Coach help you?

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Stephanie C. Harper, the HR Compliance Coach is a certified human resources professional by trade  and a noted subject matter expert with more than 20 years expertise.  Author, speaker and Publisher of CAREER Magazine, Stephanie is the owner of STEP Enterprises, Inc. home to a human resources boutique consultancy, a publishing company, and epic event experiences.