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[call_to_action description=”For any business or business owner, branding is crucial.  Having a public career, “Stephanie C. Harper” is my name BUT ALSO A BRAND!  See why this matters…..and how it could be affecting you It’s Not Bragging, It’s Branding™. ” button_text=”Read More Here” button_url=”” button_target=”_blank” style=”style_9″]Stephanie C. Harper is my name BUT ALSO A BRAND![/call_to_action]


[accordion_item title=”More about”] Personal Brand of Stephanie C. Harper, Certified Human Resources Professional, Author, Career Expert, Speaker & Radio Host

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[accordion_item title=”More about Careers & Coffee”]

Careers & Coffee:  A monthly networking event for career professionals and entrepreneurs (held at a coffee house)



[accordion_item title=”More about CAREER Magazine (a Publication)”]

CAREER Magazine (a Publication:  a bi-monthly publication helping know better, do better and live better in the areas of employment and entrepreneurship.

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[accordion_item title=”More About CAREER Magazine University”]

CAREER Magazine University:  A membership based information platform forum full of videos and how-to exercises.


[accordion_item title=”More About CMTV”]

CMTV:  Career Magazine TV is an extension of  CAREER Magazine featuring the most talked about features and topics covered in our print magazine.

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[accordion_item title=”More About CAREER Conversations™”]

CAREER Conversations™:  A weekly radio/online webisode co-hosted with Anetra Henry-Hunting

Career Conversations

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[accordion_item title=”More About Books Are A Business™”]

Books Are A Business:  An education platform which helps authors launch business opportunities with books.

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[accordion_item title=”More About HH Publishing”]

HH Publishing:  Publishing imprint for products and client products.




Be sure to visit, the work with me page, to see how Stephanie can help you build your brand, your business and your dreams!

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