When Kings Speak Panel

One of the highlights of the Quintessential Queens Conference, is our “When Kings Speak” Panel.  This is one of the realest, rawest and revelatory panels, you will ever experience!  Why?  No question is off limits.

If you have ever wanted to have a life conversation with a King who simply wants you to win in all areas of your life, the “When Kings Speaks” panel will be a life-changing experience.  This panel happens just before our lunch hour and offers the opportunity to have lunch with the panelist during the lunch hour following the panel.

Our 2019 “When Kings Speak” panel will feature two of California’s finest:  Patrick Weaver and David Burris.  Click here for full conference details

Patrick Weaver – Queens Speaker 2019


David Burrus – Queens Speaker 2019


PANEL:  FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 2019 at Noon!

$79 before January 2, 2019  |  $ 99 after January 2, 2019
$499 for the full weekend (conference, retreat, lodging and meals included)


Questions:  707.654.4511


What Conference Participants are Saying about the Queens Conference

Anytime, the conference host, begins this session of the conference with, “these men aren’t going home with anyone, so they have nothing to give you the the truth, you know you are in for a ride!
Jacqueline, 2017 Conference Participant 

I was offended when Patrick Weaver told me, “after this panel, just go get a woman so you can be the man in the relationship”, but I was offended because I felt embarrassed in that moment.  The reality is, he was right.  I was acting like the man in my relationships and needed to learn how to be okay with being a woman and not always be in control.   This panel changed my approach to relationships and my life.
A.D.  2016 Conference Participant. 

Dr. Watkins talked about speaking his love language, with had nothing to do with sex or intimacy, but rather, having an understanding that I need to bring something to the table that is genuinely me.   Helped me tremendously in my marriage.
Kim, 2017 Conference Participant.

Having been to the local Queens events; I had no idea how in-depth this conference is on a personal level when you do the full weekend.  I had not previously wanted to make the “investment” because it was local, but I went to Queens Atlanta in 2018, I experienced freedom in many areas of my life. I will be making this investment annually no matter where the conference in held. 
~C. Williams, 2018 Conference Participant.

I have decided that this is my annual vacation and my annual time to renew some things internally.  The Queens you meet are incredible, the Kings Panel is indescribable, the retreat is refreshing, and the fun day is amazing.  The conference is second to none. Thank you Stephanie for bringing this vision to life.
~V.N, 2016, 2017, 2018  Conference Participant.