She’s been there and done it. Why would you choose anyone else to support you on your journey to becoming an author?

Author Coaching

Statistics say 80% of people have a book inside of them!  The first question is, “Are you in the 80%?” and the second question is “Are you ready to share your message with the world?” If you answered yes to those questions…keep reading.

If you have always dreamed of writing a book and becoming a published author, Stephanie C. Harper is perfectly positioned to support you. You see, Stephanie has been where you are right now. She had a real desire to share the message of the “Career Education” but wasn’t exactly sure how or where to get started. Experiencing a layoff in 2001, while employed as a human resources director for a Fortune 500, Stephanie was asked to write a career column for a national newspaper. About six months into her career column journey a reader of the column sent Stephanie a note telling her to “put this stuff in a book!”  And that’s exactly what she did.  Her first book, Why Should I Hire You? was cluelessly self published in 2004.

Bitten by the author bug, Stephanie authored her second book A Kingdom Built Career, in 2006, from which she received a $50,000 publishing contract from Household Publishing.  While this was a 3 book set which included a book, workbook and journal, Stephanie opted to only sell the book to the publishing house.

[blockQuote position=”center”] The normal process of getting published in our industry is typically 12-18 months, Stephanie was able to convince me {and I’m a hard sale} but she was able to convince me to get this done in less than 90 days.  ~Household Publishing  [/blockQuote]

A Kingdom Built Career 3dWhile grateful for the opportunity, Stephanie quickly began to understand the “business of books” when she experienced a setback in her new career as an author.   Being the author of four (4) books, Stephanie found it very discouraging when her publishing house would only allow her to display and sell the one book that was picked up by the publishing house.  Imagine being an author with four books and traveling all over the Country only being allowed to promote one!   Now a published author of 12 books and Publisher of CAREER Magazine, Stephanie uses her publishing experience to help others with their publishing goals.  To hear more about Stephanie’s road to publishing, order  the “One Author’s Story CD”

While it’s great to be encouraged by others story, that alone WILL NOT help you with your publishing goals – because it’s not likely the path will be the same. If you’re ready right now to get started WRITING/PUBLISHING YOUR BOOK, Stephanie C. Harper is the perfect coach to show you that BOOKS ARE A BUSINESS™ and what it takes not to just sell books, but to run a BOOK BUSINESS!  By working with Stephanie C. Harper:

  • You will develop the structure and plan for your book
  • Set the perfect writing routine for yourself
  • Receive regular and positive feedback
  • Learn the pro s and cons of publishing v self publishing and know which is best for you
  • Understand what makes a book a best seller
  • Have your book written within 6-12  months
  • Have access to Stephanie C. Harper’s publishing contacts (printers, publishers, editors, etc.)

Stephanie C. Harper knows EXACTLY what it takes to  write your first book and to get it out there . She also knows what its like to have additional streams of income as a result of getting your book published!

Choose NOW, the Coaching Program that fits your publishing goal.

[price_table columns=”3″ skin=”light” title=”SHOW ME” price=”$297″ frequency=”(allow 2 weeks for delivery)” text=”LET’S GO!” size=”large” color=”purple” rounded=”false” link=”#” target=”_parent”] [price_li_odd]Books Are A Business Kit[/price_li_odd] [price_li_odd]Get a FREE One Author’s Story CD (or MP3)[/price_li_odd] [price_li_odd]30 minute Phone/Skype Consultation[/price_li_odd] [price_li_odd]Complete the self-study course[/price_li_odd] [price_li_odd]Option to Upgrade in 90 days*[/price_li_odd] [/price_table] [price_table featured=”xx true” columns=”3″ skin=”light” title=”BOOK ME” price=”$1500″ featured=”true” frequency=”($1350/one-time pay)” text=”LET’S GET STARTED!” size=”large” color=”purple” rounded=”false” link=”#” target=”_parent”] [price_li_odd]6-week Author Bootcamp (phone/skype)[/price_li_odd] [price_li_odd]Books Are A Business Kit [/price_li_odd] [price_li_odd]Free One Author’s Story CD (or MP3)[/price_li_odd] [price_li_odd]Access to 3 Pre-recorded Author Products[/price_li_odd] [price_li_odd]Option to Upgrade after Bootcamp* [/price_li_odd] [/price_table] [price_table columns=”3″ title=”HIRE ME” skin=”light” price=”$3000″ frequency=”($2700/one-time pay)” text=”LET’S GET IT DONE!” size=”large” color=”purple” rounded=”false” link=”#” target=”_parent”] [price_li_odd]Includes everything in the “Book Me” plan[/price_li_odd] [price_li_odd]6 month “accountability” call [/price_li_odd] [price_li_odd]Development of Marketing Plan[/price_li_odd] [price_li_odd]Branding & Strategy “Send off” Session[/price_li_odd] [price_li_odd]Free 1-3-page Author Website*[/price_li_odd] [/price_table]

Show Me

*Participants of the “Show Me” program will have a 90-day window from the date of purchase to upgrade to the “Book Me” Plan. The sum of $297 will be credited to the upgraded coaching program. [mp_buy_button product_id=”1643″ context=”single”] Thank you for your support, you will be contacted within 48 hours of payment (weekends excluded).

Book Me

*Participants of the “Book Me” program will have the option to upgrade to the “Hire Me” Plan within 90 days of completing the Author Bootcamp. The sum of $1500 will be credited to the upgraded coaching program. Participants who opted for the one-time pay of $1350 will be given credit at the $1500 rate). [mp_buy_button product_id=”1646″ context=”single”]Thank you for your support, you will be contacted within 48 hours of payment (weekends excluded).

Hire Me

*Participants of the “Hire Me” program will receive a 1-3 page author WORDPRESS website as part of their purchase. This offer EXCLUDES hosting. This offer is not available on free platforms such as wix, weebly, etc. If an author already has a website a suitable alternative will be given valued at $500). [mp_buy_button product_id=”1650″ context=”single”]Thank you for your support, you will be contacted within 48 hours of payment (weekends excluded).

Not Quite Ready to Start A Coaching Program?

Schedule at VIP Strategy  Session:  Time is set aside to review your goals, background, book ideas and plans. In a private, one-on-one conversation. In this VIP Strategy Session, Stephanie will help you understand what the publishing and marketing process involves general, and specifically for your situation. At the end of the day, you will have a clear road-map of the best way for you to achieve your goals, publishing and marketing of your book. The VIP Strategy Session is conducted by phone or over Skype.

You will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule your VIP Strategy Session. 
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Books Are A BusinessOr Just order the Books Are A Business Kit and start educating yourself on the publishing process!


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