Examples of initiatives supported:

  • On-site HR presence at your business location (we call this “HR office hours”)

Recruiting, Screening & Hiring

  • Recruitment program design and management
  • Candidate screening services (email and phone screening, reference checks, etc.)


  • New hire orientation program development / redesign & on-boarding support
  • New hire experience surveys (find out if your employees’ new job is what they expected!)
  • Development and roll-out of a customized Employee Handbook and Policy updates
  • Assistance with all employee forms, documents & procedures

Job Analysis and Design

  • Workflow analysis and job description design
  • Compensation analysis: external and internal market studies
  • Design and implementation of employee reward and recognition programs

Audits & Compliance Guidance

  • I-9 Audits and help with record keeping
  • Support maintaining compliance with applicable rules, regulations and laws
    (ADA, Title VII, FMLA, etc. – if you don’t know what those stand for, let’s talk!)
  • Employee relations consulting (consulting related to behavior or performance issues, hiring and firing – don’t worry, it WILL ALWAYS BE CONFIDENTIAL)
  • Employee satisfaction and employee experience analysis (surveys, focus groups, data analysis, etc.)

Training & Development Services

  • Training for all employees (manager-leaders, new supervisors, all-employee, etc.)
  • Executive coaching (facts are, the Executives need to know first).
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategy & goal definition and planning

Team Meeting Facilitation & Strategy Development 

  • Facilitation of your next important meeting so that your team will be fully engaged!
  • Board of Directors and Executive Team Meeting Facilitation – Mission and vision development, goal setting, assistance developing an effective Board/Employee relationships

Miss Anything?!

  • … something else you’d like help with that isn’t on this list?  Just ask!  Services can be customized to meet the goals of your team, business or organization!