Show me some SWAG! {Really I want you to define it}

I was talking to my 13 and 11 year old daughters when one blurted out, “Mom, you have SWAG! I laughed and inquired how she came to that conclusion and what SWAG means. She is an honor roll student so it didn’t surprise me that she was able to come up with an acrostic for SWAG in 1 point 1 seconds. She proudly defined SWAG for her mommy to be:



I thought it was the cutest little compliment, but it made me think about how we use words sometimes because they are popular, but we really don’t understand what they mean or they are not clearly defined.

The first time I heard the word SWAG, I overheard someone referring the way Denzel Washington walks.   The cooing conversation went something like, “ooh that Denzel is just fine…I just love his swagger!”  Now, I love Denzel as an actor, but never thought of him as a sex symbol.  So I just chalked it up as his persona, you know that “something about him” factor.

Over the past few years, the word SWAG has become very popular and well everybody seems to have it. I’ve seen the word used in almost every way imagined.  I’ve seen it used in business, social media, faith-based conferences, music videos, etc.  You name it someone has claimed to have it.  But, contrary to popular belief it’s not that popular and it reserved for only a few as defined by  the Urban Dictionary.   SWAG is “a subtle thing that many strive to gain but few actually attain.  It is reserved for the most swagalicious of people.” 

What I found interesting is the World English Dictionary says one definition for SAWG is, “property obtained by theft or illicit means” and the very next definition is “goods, valuables”.  So for this blog, I’ll stick with the latter.  I believe each of us have something good and valuable that we are capable of showing the world.  Yes, I am a believer that we all have some special gift of talent, we just have to tap into it and learn how to use it for our benefit.  It doesn’t mean we are all on the road to being living legends, but it means we certainly have something to offer.

I’d like to challenge each of you reading this to do something different.  Instead of just saying you have SWAG, take the time to actually define your SWAG.   You know, add some clarity to why you have SWAG.  It’s just an exercise for fun, but I think it will give us all a boost as we prepare to enter 2012.

My SWAG is defined as:

S-uccessful {at what I do)

W-Worthy (to have others take notice)

A- Accomplished (Proven Ability)

G – Goal-Driven (Doing things on Purpose)

Go ahead, define your SWAG!  Don’t just say you have it, but show me what you’re working with! Once you have your SWAG defined, encourage those around you to define their SWAG too!



A- All

G- Got!

I’m looking forward to see how you define your SWAG.  Talk to me later in Victory!