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Have you ever been to a networking event and someone handed you a card (or a few cards) claiming to be an  “expert” in everything? Branding, Travel, Publishing, Sales, Internet Marketing, Event Planning, Public Speaking, Product Development, Social Media, Plumbing, Acrobatics, Salsa Dancing…and every other thing you might mention?

Um yeah … She’s  Not That Person

Stephanie is a Success Coach, who uses what she has learned to create wealth and success in her  own career to help others do the same. When Stephanie was a Corporate employee, she was an Human Resources Generalist. To many that is a title, but what it actually means is “you can generally function in all aspects, areas and  disciplines within HR”. If you’re not familiar with the inner workings of human resources (HR) – – -here’s a crash course. Human Resources is essentially broken down into 13 disciplines: Benefits, Leadership & Strategy, Compensation, Consulting, Diversity, Employee Relations, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, Global HR, Labor Relations, Organizational and Employee Development, Safety and Security, Staffing Management and Technology.  While many of you have met HR Practitioners who “specialize”  in one disciplines and remain there for the duration of their careers, Stephanie has mastered ALL of the above HR disciplines during her 20+ years in human resources.   The key thing to remember is Stephanie stays in her lane of being an Excuse Eliminator™ for anyone who has a skill set, but doesn’t know exactly what to do with it!

What That Means For You

Simply put, she knows how to “take what you got, and make it work or help you get what you need to get set up for success!”   As a HR Professional, Stephanie’s primary function was to ensure the right people, with the right skills, were in the right place, to achieve the right results, which is EXACTLY what she does for her very own clients now!    Using what she learned in Corporate, Stephanie used that knowledge to build her parent company, STEP Enterprises, Inc., which was founded in 2001 (formerly PHD Staffing Strategies).  Taking what she knew as a Corporate employee, she began a go-to-girl for small business owners who did not have a formal HR deparment, but needed HR Expertise.

The truth she never sat out to be a Jill of all trades.  As a  career specialists, Stephanie mastered one thing:

Taking what you know and learning how to make it work for you in terms of positioning & profitability!

Yup … that’s it. And it is a pretty significant skill if you are someone who wants to create an impact in the world and create a profitable business in the process. If you want to accelerate your business results, everything starts with “using that you know to grow!”

Think about it:

How are you going to stand out from every other person in your industry who (at least on the surface level) looks like they do pretty much the same thing as you?
How are you going to get people to “follow” you if they have no idea who you are or what you do or why they should be listening to you (especially if you are not really clear on how to articulate that in a concise yourself)?
How are you going to find people who can afford your services, if you aren’t really sure what solutions you should be offering or how to price them … let alone where to find these clients?
How are you going to get potential clients or JV partners to take you seriously without professional marketing materials that make them take their eyes off of Facebook for five seconds and pay attention to you?
What is your specific, end-to-end strategy to find, attract, enroll and serve your ideal affluent clients who are a delight to work with and can afford your services so you can stop wasting your time and money just doing “stuff” (aka, social media, writing a book, creating products) that no one is paying attention to because you didn’t lay the proper foundation first?
Just listen to what countless numbers of my clients say, when they share … “I wish I had hired you first.”

It’s not that what others are teaching is not important (it totally is – in fact, I recommend my students to them and study with them myself in their areas of expertise) … once you have a strategy.

And it’s not to say that we don’t know about lots of stuff (we are avid learners too), and are really good at several things (mostly because we’ve made so many mistakes that we learned the hard way), especially since Kelly’s been running her own business for more than 12 years.

However, we strongly believe in (and teach our clients this) focusing your genius and your business around what you have mastered better than anyone else – not what you need to learn or what you are passionate about.  Passion doesn’t give you the life you want, but persistence does!

And this is what she’s mastered …

She’s A Success Strategists … We help you connect the dots so you can know better, do better and live better in the areas of employment, entrepreneurship and publishing.

I know you may be thinking, “that’s a lot of stuff”, but actually they are all interrelated.   While Stephanie has become successful as an author, career expert, speaker, radio host and publisher…she has remained true to her area of speciality.  For example…she writes, speaks about career and human resources stuff.

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