CAREER CONVERSATIONS™ is a weekly online show dedicated to career wholeness.  Each week we talk with various people (or talk about issues that have affected people) around the globe on based on career decisions.   While many only view a career as “working for someone”, we view “career” as the Merriam-Webster dictionary does:  a field for or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life .  Which means, you don’t have to have a corner office, 30 years of tenure with one employer or a a particular title to be on your career path.  Even if you are an entrepreneur who is experiencing “consecutive progressive achievement” we want to have a CAREER CONVERSATIONS™ with you!

Who:?   Stephanie C. Harper (Host) & Anetra Henry Hunting (Host) & You!

What?:  Online Discussion about Careers!

Where:?  Our YouTube Page (subscribe)

When:?  Every Monday @4pm Pst / 7pm Est.
Why:?   Someone needs to be educated, encouraged, entertained and empowered by your story!

****producers note:  This is not an advertising opportunity.  Please DO NOT contact us in search on a venue to promote your book, business, or services.  This is an opportunity for you to help others by sharing your career story!  ****

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