My Dearest Quintessential Queens:

I have missed you all!  So much has happened in my personal life, that it has stretched me to no-end – BUT I’M STILL HERE!  Since our last Royal Gathering, I have experience a car accident, a health scare (the doctor literally said I was going to die, tell ya more later) and the sudden passing of my mother, due to COVID. Quite naturally, I felt my crown slipping, but I caught it and “proudly” re-centered it to its’ rightful place.  So many of us have experienced challenges, but guess what?  We made it, so it time to celebrate in a Queenly fashion! #CrownOn!

For a Quick Registration Scan the bar code below…. Questions call 424.559.8282

Conference Only, Friday, March 3, 2023
 1 for $89 or 2 for $139                                                                       

Conference + Retreat, Friday, March 3 – Sunday  March 5,
1 for $589 or 2 for $899

ABOUT OUR KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Sharifah Hardie (CA Senate 2024) is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion expert specializing in assisting marginalized individuals and communities.  As thought leader, and business consultant she has spent the past 25 years focused on being the change the world wants to see.  A mover and a shaker, Sharifah is the President of The Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce – Long Beach Area Chapter and Publisher of the Long Beach Black News.  On the same day that she will deliver the Keynote to the Queens, she will be honored (along with Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass) by the Cultural Inclusion foundation’s “Diverse Women Making A Difference” event.  #CrownOn!  

For Queens 2022, the “Team of Queens” gathered in Los Angeles and we set our sights on some exciting opportunities.  For Queens 2023, we have something VERY DIFFERENT PLANNED for those who have been to Queens before.  I know that a core group of you travel in from out of State (thank you for your faithfulness), so I wanted to share  the 2023 dates with you as early as possible, March 3,4 & 5.  It is always our custom to gather, the first weekend of March to kick off Women’s International Month and celebrate the power houses that we are!   Listen,  Southwest Airlines has had some amazing sales (start getting those airline tickets, now!)  Follow the lead of Queen Margaret (Atlanta, GA) and  Queens Verna & Jaria (Memphis, TN), who randomly buy one way tickets over the months leading up to Queens, while making monthly payments for their weekend registration.   My Bay Area Queens, don’t let the gas be an issue,  the airline will give you love, if you book early (or you can carpool, it will make the ride fun).  It’s absolutely okay for you to be selfish and treat yourself to this.  In other words,  don’t wait for others to “get their tickets and register”.  Come on down and hang with the Queens who have purposed to be here.  This time, GO FOR IT!  They will meet you here or miss out (oh, did I tell you that Queens will be in the beautiful Los Angeles, California in 2023).

For those who have yet to attend, WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  We would love to share our Queens experience with you! Here is how Queens kicks off!  We will gather on Friday, March 3 for our one-day conference.  Some of you will stay over and just make the most out of your trip to Los Angeles (there is so much to to do here) and that’s absolutely fine!  However, for the Weekend Retreat, we can only extend an invitation to the first 15 women who register.   When you registered for Queens Weekend Retreat, your Friday conference, your 2-night hotel accommodation and meals for the weekend are included in your registration.  For the weekend retreat a $150/ non-refundable deposit is now required.   For a Quick Registration, you can scan the code below. Be sure to include your name and phone number in the cash app memo.  If you would like to arrange an alternate payment method, please call 424.559.8282


Conference Only, Friday March 3, 2023
1 for $89 or 2 for $139

Conference + Retreat  Friday, March 3 – Sunday March 5, 2023
1 for $589 or 2 for $899

It’s time for the gathering of the Quintessential Queens, where we will re-group, re-set and rejuvenate…..before returning to our individual Kingdoms, were we REIGN!

Look for flights into Los Angeles (LAX) or Long Beach (LGB).  Burbank and Ontario are also alternatives, but an hour drive at minimum and then there is Los Angeles, traffic.   The AC Marriott (El Segundo) will provide a free shuttle to/from the Airport to the Venue.

FOR GROUP REGISTRATIONS CALL 424.559.8282!  #CrownOn!  See you soon!