Stephanie Speaks

Savvy, Straight-to-the-Point, Spectacular!  Simply said, Stephanie Delivers!

Let’s face it, speakers can make or break your event!  Stephanie understands the success of any event rests heavily on the resources provided to your audience.  Stephanie guarantee’s your audience will receive savvy, straight-to-the-point information that is sealed with Excellence – – and these are just a few ways, that Stephanie delivers!  The total package includes humor, transparency, edu-tainment, and challenges.

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Stephanie Speaks

There are a number of ways, we can make this happen!   Stephanie can speak at your event in a number of ways. Let us know if any of these offerings works for your event, or contact us to create a special setting and program that is best for your situation.

Keynote Address

Treat your audience to speaker that will keep them engaged, interested and excited!   Stephanie will captivate your audience with her passion, incredible energy, personal stories,  unique Stephanie-isms, and humor that  all tie together.  Your audience will walk away with actionable items and success strategies for their next phase.

Conferences, Conventions and Special Events

Stephanie’s  expert advice, interactive presentations and proven processes will inspire your guests to tap deeply into their desired destiny and help them clearly focus their energy and vigor into professional and personal success.

Workshops, Seminars or Trainings

These more intimate settings will provide participants an up-close experience along with the ability to ask question the opportunity to dig deeper  Your participants will walk with with tools to monetize their mastery!

VIP Days (for your group)

With more time and concentration to really get to know Stephanie and her success programs.  Through these VIP Days, Stephanie can work more closely and personally with a group or team of people. This is where the process of “making things happen” in your event’s participants lives can take place-individually, personally, as a work group, as a team, or as collaborative associates.

Internal In-house Seminars or Trainings

As a 20+ year HR Professional,  Stephanie’s insightful expertise can positively impact your workplace through problem solving, morale boosting and team building  your employees.

Corporate, Leadership or Organizational Retreats

This is an unprecedented opportunity for the top executives and leaders of your organization to get out of the rut and receive personal coaching and mentorship with Stephanie and create new levels of empowerment, innovation and

Career Days / Virtual Enterprise Presentations (youth)

Stephanie is also available to speak at schools, career days and graduation ceremonies

Eminence Escape™  (Women Only)

These “girlfriend gatherings™”  a weekended get-away of celebrating exactly who you are – A WOMAN!  (This is not Stephanie’s annual Quintessential Queens™ event, this is your private retreat for 10 or less people).

Relaxed environment provides unprecedented opportunity for focused individual attention in the private setting of your company’s top executives or your events’ participants. Top executives and leaders can receive insightful personal coaching with Stephanie and create new levels of empowerment, innovation and personal fulfillment in all areas of their lives.


Be it a birthday party, stage play, conference moderation or just an event where you need energ

Your Specific Speaking Situation

Allison will work with you on tailoring a program for your unique venue. For example, if your group consists of business owners, independents, franchisees, or sales driven professionals, Allison’s powerful, uplifiting presentation can be precisely focused to catapult your group to: feel inspired, optimistic and motivated every single day; take and sustain action like never before; raise productivity and increase sales of your products and services; feel passionate about their work on a daily basis; and move into action!

If your goal is to keep your audience engaged, entertained and educated, book now!

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