What is Queens?

Every year about this time, I get asked the question, “WHAT IS QUEENS?” Queens is an epic event in the beautiful Napa valley that you simply do not want to miss. The official name of the conference and weekend retreat is Quintessential Queens, but that’s not the original name. In 2013, I found myself overwhelmed with life. I was my husband’s wife, the coach’s corner (husband is a coach), my daughters’ mother, my granny’s caregiver, my clients solution, my friends’ therapist, my pastor’s unofficial assistant,  my community’s resource and when it came to me needing someone, everyone was busy! Enough already…. an ah-ha moment of “what about me?” hit me like a train!

I called about 7 or so of my girlfriends over the next few days and I began to ask them how they were doing. Immediately, then began to tell me about their jobs, their children, their spouses and yes, THEIR DRAMA! I soon discovered that like myself, many of friends were not taking the time to “invest in themselves”.  Just a few weeks away was my birthday, so I booked a 2 bed condo in the Napa Valley and invited a handful of g-g-girlfriends to join me (all expenses paid all they had to do was show up). Upon arrival, I took their phones, but them in the ice bucket and we agreed that we would just “retreat!”  Our location was magical.  Our food was delicious.  Our wine was free (we were in the Napa Valley).  Our families were okay without us.  Our focus WAS OURSELVES!  Wow…. This was the life!  Short lived….but it was the life!  We took advantage of every moment to simple pour positivity into ourself so that we could best manage the lives we had to return to.

So much took place over the next few days, that it was life changing for every one in the room (I have video testimonies). While unplanned, the youngest person in the room was 26 and the oldest person was 62. So many life experiences where shared, so many wounded were healed, so many questions were answered and in between karaoke, touring the city, bowling, dancing at the local pub and lots of wine, we made a decision that we deserved some “me time” and we would make sure we got it. We set roles of accountability one to another and returned to our lives.

Over the next two years, I did the same thing for small groups of omen who just needed to relax, relate, regroup and release – – under the name “Diva Disconnect”. During one of our “Iyanla Weekends”, we talked in-depth about how diva’s are viewed and after a vote, we opted to kill the term Diva and Reign as Queens!  After the Queens shared their experiences with those in their inner circle, more women wanted to attend. Conflicted, I knew that was NOT the vision God had given me for the weekend. The only way this weekend would work is if it was a limited group of women. So in 2016, God expanded the vision and the Quintessential Queens Conference and Retreat was born!

By adding the one-day conference, I was able to share this amazing experience with more women in my community. But I didn’t stop there, I continued to allow a small group of women to remain over the weekend to experience “A Queens Retreat”.

In honor of women’s month,  the event was moved to the first weekend in March and Queens continues to serve the needs to women who travel from all over the Country to be a part of this epic experience (in 2018, we were in Atlanta, GA – but we’ve decided, Napa is where it’s at). Our next Queens Conference and Retreat will take place in the beautiful Napa Valley (Northern California), March 1-3, 2019 and I would love to see your face! Registration officially begins in November, but you don’t have to wait…. you can contact me directly at 404.604.4511 to save your spot!

Remember, the conference on Friday, March 1 is open to all, but the weekend retreat is limited to a group of 15.  Would love to tell you more, but to get the full gist…. you have to EXPERIENCE QUEENS FOR YOURSELF!  (yes…we are in a real castle below).  It’s a Queens thing!  
Don’t delay, if you have any questions… give me a call or drop me a note!  Talk soon!  The dates are set, the contract is signed….BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS!
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