Who Speaks Into Your Life – Thank you Robert J. Watkins

Many people ask me how I became a speaker! I had a great mentor. His name is Dr. Robert Watkins. I met Dr. Watkins in 2004. We were introduced through a mutual friend. I emailed Dr. Watkins and asked him if he would “invest some time” with me. Within a week, I was in his downtown office (which was the entire 8th floor).

1422443_10202718333419309_1312815917463919691_n-1Dr. Watkins gave me a tour of his office. When we got to his media room. He talked to me about the technology in the room and explained this was the same simulcasting system that Bishop T.D. Jakes uses to talk to people all over the world (he had not met Jakes at this time). He then looked at me and said, “Stephanie, I believe you too can impact people all over the world! Do you?” I immediately said, “yes!” But had no idea how I would pull it off.
Fast forward…. within a few months, I was calling Dr. Watkins to share with him that I had been offered a “spot” to do a career minute on SGN The Light (little did I know, I would be reaching 2.5 million people all over the world). I literally had 60 seconds to make an impact…when they said “a career minute” in radio time…..that really means 60 seconds. Dr. Watkins also invited me to be a part of his Young CEO Camps (which was amazing), then I co-wrote a book with him. (See you don’t always know who is behind the scenes of some the the brands we come to love). I can’t share everything that do for others…but please know that God has given me a golden rolodex!!!!!!!

Fast forward….I was talking to Dr. Watkins a few weeks ago just to check in and said, “one day, the Lord will bless me to afford to bring you to Queens (cause Dr. Watkins is THE MAN!!!!!!!!) Dr. Watkins immediately said, “When do you want me to come? I would be honored to support you, Queen Stephanie! (as he has affectionaltely called me for 15+ years). I shared that because he recognized the Queen in me, before I took ownership of it or before it was an annual event.

Fast forward…..Dr. Watkins invited me to speak at Conquer 2005…. let me just tell you who else was there… (just a few of the people were) Fred Hammond, Don Cathy (yes of Chick-Fila), Canton Jones and LITTLE OLE ME (Stephanie C.) ….. I didn’t understand how much Dr. Watkins valued me because I didn’t quite understand the magnitude of the door that Dr. Watkins was opening for me! When someone challenges you to use your voice for others (become a speaker) and 15 years later, you are inviting them to YOUR OWN PLATFORM……what do you say?

For those who didn’t make the connection with the 8th Floor…. the number 8 is for NEW BEGINNINGS! Dr. Watkins challenged me to go after one….I did.

POINT: Make sure the right people are speaking into your life! When someone opens the door for you, SHOW UP, walk through it and say THANK YOU!!!!! Yes…. Dr. Watkins is coming to Queens 2017…..

LESSON: Learn how to honor others even when you don’t understand their purpose in your life! Don’t just dream…DO IT!

Registration details are coming soon. #ItsNotBraggingItsBranding In the meantime, connect on the event page www.facebook.com/Queens2017

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