The Color Purple is MORE Than a Logo color!

As I come to a close of the production of each issue of CAREER Magazine, I’m a bit frazzled.  Managing people and process has never been an easy task especially when everyone involved in the process is NOT following the same END OF PRODUCTION DATE!   CAREER Magazine is not my primary business, it’s an (...)

Are you in kindergarten learning from a first grader?

In business, we learn two ways through mentors and mistakes!   Sure, we can take classes, get certifications, degrees and even turn around and train the trainer, but…the real learning comes from the experience!    One of the biggest business myths (in my opinion) is all you have to do is read a book or (...)

Stephanie C. Harper is heading to the Steve Harvey TV Show! (I mean literally)

As you read this blog, I’m sitting on an airplane heading to Chicago to be a guest on the Steve Harvey TV Show.  I can’t tell you what emotions I’m feeling because I’ve felt so many over the past few days.   While, this is HUGE and I’ve received so many well wishes since sharing (...)

Rhonda A. Lee Fired Not Once But Twice!

In December 2012, I blogged about Metrologist Rhonda A. Lee, who was terminated from KBTS in Shreveport, Louisiana.   This blog was housed on the CAREER Magazine website, which is my business blog where I tend to blog more on “HR policy and best practices”.  I use my personal blog here on the site (...)

Can Strippers Collect Unemployment?

As a respected professional in the world of human resources, I am often hired to provide content for various media outlets around the Country. One of the media outlets that I provide content for is FocusDetroit.Net.   In August 2012, I wrote an article about the differences between employees and independent contractors.  Someone commented on (...)

What title makes you the most proud?

Working in human resources, I see titles change constantly.  In an interview with Trinity Broadcasting Network, The world’s largest Christian Network, I also shared one of the most “embellished” things we find on resumes during the interview process is job titles. If you have ever read my professional bio, you will note, the last line (...)

You can find inspiration anywhere…if you really want to be inspired!

Most of you who read my blogs know that I am also the Founder and Publisher of CAREER Magazine (a fantastic publication, that you should be subscribing to).   With that being said, I’ve been posting career, business and author/publishing tips on our Facebook Fan page since 2009.  I got the idea to do something (...)

BUSINESS BASICS: What You Can Learn from Kim Kardashian

The other night, I was in a Facebook forum and  the topic was, yep… you guessed it!  Kim K. and her pregnancy. Everyone on the forum had an opinion about it – including me.  I think I ticked a few people off because I noted that jealously is perverted admiration.  While I’m not a Kim (...)

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