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Are You Sharing Or Showing Off?

{Caution, this blog is a Friday morning rant but it’s intended to be a teaching moment, enjoy!} When you comes to sharing on social media, I have  noticed a pattern!  There seems to be a pattern where people ONLY SHARE with their network, when it’s their “time to shine”! I’m a huge sharer!  I love (...)

The Color Purple is MORE Than a Logo color!

As I come to a close of the production of each issue of CAREER Magazine, I’m a bit frazzled.  Managing people and process has never been an easy task especially when everyone involved in the process is NOT following the same END OF PRODUCTION DATE!   CAREER Magazine is not my primary business, it’s an (...)

Followers: Quantity vs. Quality

Recently, I came across an “interesting” fanpage on Facebook.  Since it was Friday, I decided to poke fun and give people on my personal page a Friday afternoon chuckle.   THEN….I posted that I was “hating because they have more likes than me!”  With an LOL of course (with all this political stuff, I’ve been trying (...)

Is your brand borrowed?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog called “Its Stephanie C. Harper“. The purpose of the blog was to talk about the importance of maintaining your brand (and ensuring that others properly represent your brand). In the article, I spoke about why I don’t allow people to call me “Stephanie Harper”, and my preference (...)

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